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Malta -> ICO Friendly Jurisidiction


Malta is currently leading the charge in regulating the blockchain & cryptocurrency technology; actively working on the establishment of one of the world's first authorities to regulate technology arrangements and structures.

This has put Malta at the epicenter of the regulation of blockchain, creating an ideal platform for both companies, start-ups and investors to meet, share insights and also build the future of this exciting technology.

Welcome Message from the Prime Minister of Malta

His Excellency, Dr. Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta invited the world's top thought leaders, innovators, pioneers, and entrepreneurs to DELTA Blockchain Summit, which took place in Malta during October 3-5, 2018.

Meet Dr. Adballa Kablan

Malta Government Advisor/ Director of the Malta Stock Exchange

Dr. Abdalla Kablan is a serial entrepreneur and award winning fintech expert.  Throughout his career, he founded a number of startups and companies specializing in deep learning, professional match making, and Fintech.  Dr Kablan is a Director of the Malta Stock Exchange, where he is also the Chairman of the Malta Stock Exchange's Blockchain Committee.  He also serves as an advisor to the Government of Malta on matters related to strategic development and utilization of technology, Fintech, and Blockchain/DLT technologies.  He was one of the experts that helped draft the Malta Blockchain regulatory framework.

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5 Pillars of Malta

Why Malta?

Forefront of Blockchain Development

A unique innovation island with all of the requirements for a company to grow, thrive and be successful! 

I. Personal Finance

Tax & Residency

A country that supports Blockchain Companies and has existing legal framework for jurisdiction and taxes

II. Corporate Tax

Domiciled Malta

Banking Friendly environment with Crypto Banking and Finance Instruments

III. Framework of Innovation


Legal, Compliance & Regulation

EU Country with English speaking population for technology teams and development

IV. Banking


DELTA Summit aims to generate and promote a global cryptocurrency discussion and to further highlight the government's efforts to establish Malta as a pioneering and Blockchain embracing nation.

V. Technology

Malta is currently leading the charge in regulating the Blockchain & Cryptocurrency technology

Recent News

Malta took a big step in becoming the world's first full jurisdiction for Blockchain and Crypto!

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